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Sydney Parker

Pediatric Dentist, DDS

"I have the opportunity to educate and empower young patients to take control of their oral health by making dental visits fun and engaging. I can help children feel comfortable and confident in the dental chair."

Doctor of Dental Surgery

University of Colorado

Specialty Certificate

NYU Langone Health

Professional Associations

AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry)

Introducing Dr. Parker, a passionate pediatric dentist devoted to transforming dental care into a delightful journey for young patients. A graduate of University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine and NYU Langone Health, Dr. Parker combines expertise with a friendly demeanor to create a warm and welcoming environment. Dedicated to promoting lifelong oral health habits in children with a sprinkle of fun.

She is an empathetic dentist with a holistic approach to life. Beyond the dental chair, Dr. Parker unwinds on the tennis court, finds solace in nature through hiking, explores new worlds in books, embraces the adventure of travel, and nurtures mind and body with the practice of yoga. She is a committed advocate for both oral health and a well-balanced lifestyle.