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Pediatric Dentistry Scottsdale AZ

Pediatric dentistry is a little different than your general dentist, and it’s something that almost all children will need at some point.

Just like your family doctor refers you to a pediatrician, your family dentist refers you to a pediatric dentist. Here, we cover what our children’s dentists in Scottsdale can do for your child.

What is the Difference Between a Dentist and a Pediatric Dentist?

Generalists—whether medical doctors or dentists—provide entry-level, routine care for their patients. They both rely on a network of more specialized doctors when they need to. This is why your family doctor is not also your surgeon, for example. 

In the dental sense, a pediatric dentist is a specialist that your family dentist relies on when a generalist’s skill level is not enough.

What Does it Take to Become a Pediatric Dentist in Arizona?

All Arizona pediatric dentists in Scottsdale must first qualify for board certification in general dentistry. 

Before becoming pediatric dentists, many dentists practice as generalists first. 

This provides a solid foundation in providing patient dental care before becoming a specialist. 

All our pediatric dentists at Ironwood Pediatric Dentistry are experienced general dentists, too. 

To become a pediatric dentist, a general dentist must undergo two more years of formal training at university pediatric facilities.

This additional training includes treating issues with primary or “baby” teeth and with the transition to permanent teeth, child behavioral psychology, child development, oral pathology, treatment of oral and facial trauma, children’s pharmacology, radiology, pediatric sedation, treating special needs patients, and how to communicate with children in a reassuring, calm, and friendly way.

To become a board-certified pediatric dentist in Arizona, upon completing the required training the dentist must also pass American Board of Pediatric Dentistry oral and written examinations.

What Kind of Specialized Issues Do Pediatric Dentists Treat?

Your child’s jaws, teeth, and facial structure are all “works in progress” as they grow, and this development process can have its own unique considerations outside of general dentistry. 

Maintaining healthy primary teeth, for example, is important because of the role they play while your child is developing healthy chewing and eating habits. They are also critical to early speech development. 

Further, having a healthy, beautiful smile can contribute greatly to your child’s sense of self-confidence. 

And lastly, not losing primary teeth too early can help avoid longer-term trouble with permanent teeth coming in crooked.

Primary teeth are structurally different from permanent teeth and have different treatment needs, like preventing or treating early childhood tooth decay. This is a serious condition that can be caused by a child staying on the bottle (or breast) for too long. 

Decayed primary teeth can cause pain, abscesses, infections, and can spread to the permanent teeth. Also, your child’s general health can be affected if diseased primary teeth aren’t treated.

Another oral health problem children often experience is gum disease. About 40 percent of children two to three years old have at least mild inflammation of gum tissues. 

At our Scottsdale pediatric dentistry office, we have the latest preventive care technology for your child’s teeth and gums, like plastic sealants that bond to the chewing surfaces of decay-prone back teeth. 

We also teach children how to take care of their teeth in ways they can understand and follow.

Pediatric dentistry is not confined to primary teeth. Immature permanent teeth can also require special attention, like pediatric pulp therapy. 

Because some of your child’s primary molars may not come out until the ages of 10 to 14, he or she could experience dental issues that involve both primary and permanent teeth.

What Makes Ironwood Pediatric Dentistry the Better Choice for Your Child?

Children experience raw emotions like fear and apprehension more intensely than we do as adults. 

Waiting for an appointment in a general dentist’s office can be unsettling for your child because most general dentists’ waiting areas are oriented toward adults or offer only cursory items or tiny set-aside places for children.

The key to a positive pediatric dental experience for your child is to create a calm, friendly, and even playful atmosphere from the moment the both of you come in our doors and to preserve it throughout the appointment. 

Our pediatric specialists and staff love children, and are specially trained to put them at ease. 

Our waiting areas and treatment spaces are designed specifically to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety in children in a way that a dental office for adult patients might not.

Another difference between a general dentist office and our Scottsdale pediatric dental office is that we have instruments and materials designed to suit the needs of childrens’ smaller mouths, while a general dentist may not.

To help you get your child ready for a pleasant time with us, we will send you an activity/coloring book before the appointment that will explain everything. 

By going through it with your child, you can help answer some of their questions and help them see that their time with us is nothing to be afraid of.

An added benefit of making an appointment with one of our Scottsdale pediatric dentists is that unlike many general dentists, our pediatric dental examinations include an orthodontic assessment—if we see an early orthodontic problem, we may be able to begin early corrective care (such as with Invisalign) that can reduce the need for more complicated orthodontics later.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Dentistry

Do I always have to take my child to a pediatric dentist?

No, although you can if you prefer. 

Your family dentist is qualified to provide your child with routine dental services including check-ups, cleanings, and treatment for cavities. 

Your family dentist is also trained to recognize when something in your child’s dental development will require specialized treatment like braces, a tooth extraction, or oral surgery. 

In these cases, your dentist might recommend you to us.

When should I first take my child to see a pediatric dentist?

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend that your child’s first visit to the dentist should happen no later than when the first primary teeth begin to emerge. 

You can bring your child in for a check-up appointment as early as one year of age.

How often should I take my child to a pediatric dentist in Scottsdale? 

We recommend that your child see us twice a year for routine check-ups. 

During these appointments we can keep track of your child’s preventive dental health needs, spot possible tooth, jaw, and facial developmental issues, and provide corrective treatment if needed.

How do I know your treatment rooms are safe for my child?

Your child’s health and your peace of mind are always our primary concern. 

We use state-of-the-art sterilization procedures to make sure our offices are as clean and sanitary as possible. 

After each patient’s visit, we thoroughly disinfect the treatment area and ultrasonically clean and heat-sterilize all non-disposable instruments. 

Our staff wears gloves and masks during all procedures.

Can I stay with my child during our visit to you?

It is certainly permissible for you to be with your child during his or her initial appointment and for routine dental check-ups. 

During dental treatments, to ensure safety we may require you to remain in the waiting area. 

This also applies if you are bringing more than one child with you.

How can I afford your pediatric dental services?

If you have health or dental insurance, then please refer to our Insurance page for insurance policies we accept.

In addition to accepting qualified insurance plans, we offer a wide range of payment options that include financing with no initial payment and a monthly installment plan. 

Our treatment coordinator can work out a plan suited to your individual needs.

For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

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